• Products: Our product range is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  • Glazing Products: For glass, glazing or aluminium, we have the product.

  • Industrial Aerosols & Primers: A unique assortment of technical aerosols.

  • Flooring: A fast drying sealant that can be sanded and painted.

  • DIY: Our DIY products ensuring a quality finish.

  • Flooring: A fast drying sealant that can be sanded and painted.


Den Braven a World Sealant Leader

Den Braven South Africa forms part of the Den Braven Group in the Netherlands. Den Braven South Africa imports most of its products from Den Braven manufacturing operations from different parts of the world. The remaining products and accessories are sourced from a partnership with local suppliers. These products are warehoused in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town.

Den Braven has achieved world leadership in sealant technology through its development of products for both general and specific applications, with several unique sealants in our range. State-of-the-art laboratories and equipment ensure that Den Braven products remain in the vanguard of sealant technology.


Our Vision and Mission

The Vision of Den Braven South Africa is to be recognized as the most valued supplier in South Africa and ultimately in Sub Sahara Africa, by providing products and services to meet our customer's total sealing solutions.

This will be achieved by developing a more comprehensive knowledge of the customer's needs, in selected industries, whilst striving to meet customer expectations in the supply of choice quality sealing, bonding and related products and services in Sub Sahara Africa markets.


Who We Are?

Den Braven South Africa is customer focused, offering professional support to industries, giving them the right product for the right application.


The Team

The company is led by Ms Averil Webbstock, who has been MD since joining the company in 1999. The company's head office was built in 2000 and overlooks both the N1 North and South in Randburg, (Johannesburg) with the regional offices in Durban and Cape Town. more